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 By utilizing this site and/or accessing any pages from this server, you agree to the rules listed below.

This site may change these rules at any given time.

General Rules

  • Respect staff members at all given times.
  • No aggressive behavior, flaming, defamation, advertising, requesting, pictures and text which include racism/nudity/sexism/religion or foul language in Personal Messages.
  • No query regarding ranks, if we feel like you deserve it you will be promoted.
  • No request for username change.

Downloading Rules

  • You must maintain a ratio above 1.0.
  • Ratio below 0.3 will not be able to download any torrent.
  • Cheating is not allowed, if either we or our system finds out you'll receive an immediate ban.

Forum Rules

  • No other language than English.
  • No aggressive behavior, flaming or defamation
  • No systematic foul language (and none at all in the titles).
  • No links towards nor posting of any warez, serials, cracks, trackers,movie/tv stream or money-making sites.
  • No advertising.
  • [Mentioning any other site than the ones listed above is allowed as long as youre not promoting it.]
  • No requesting of downloads.
  • No questions about when anything will be uploaded.
  • No discussing in the forum when you disagree with a decision made by a staff member, contact that staff member or any higher staff member discuss the decision.
  • No pictures with racism/nudity/sexism/religion are to be posted in the forum.
  • [If you really need to post it, only post the link with a **18+** tag around it.]
  • Use the search before posting anything, your thread will get locked if you dont.

Forum Guidelines

  • We advise you not to write any contact details e.g. address, email address or IP on the forum or in your profile for your own privacy.
  • Whenever you have something to add and there hasnt been made a new post, use the edit function. This means no bumping as well.
  • Posting in CAPS LOCK is very often taken as screaming and is therefore not appreciated. Nor is posting entire posts in a very huge size.
  • Please ensure all threads are posted in the correct section!

Avatar Rules

  • Do not use any avatar that may cause members to confuse you as a staff member.
  • Your avatar may not include any racism/nudity/sexism/religion or something which is easily taken as an offence.
    [If you're in doubt whether something is appropriate or not feel free to message a staff member.]
  • Maximum sizes are 150[width]x300[height].
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